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Lazy Sunday Mornings

Allow yourself to rest, find repose , relax at least one day a week .

Pick a day, any day . Have a " I stopped for today " time in your life .

Allow yourself time off , no work, no hassle , no hustle , no grind, no over doing,

No running off to do some " important " thing , or many things. Over stressed and in pain, too much suffering . Just stop .

Whatever that might be at any given time . Allow for that.

Do get out of bed , eat slowly , have an extra cup of tea, learn to make a new herbal medicine for yourself , do self care , DO NOT watch TV.

Take a walk around the yard , or the block, or at a near by park in your PJs. LOL !

We all are trained, if we don't do enough, we are being lazy , not true.

All humans now need healing, rest , gentleness.

Renewing all the cultural habits society have pushed on us .

"Lazy" is not a bad word, it is just misused .

We don't need to go on a 7 hour hike , walking 25 miles .

It is fun but maybe just sit in the forest and watch the wind blow the pine trees ,

watch the birds hop around for food and fun. Watch the sun get up or go down.

Watch the butterfly land on a wild flower. Take a skinny dip in a pond.

Feel the patch of thick moss on a rock with your hand .

See the fish hide in the reeds in a pond .Listen to the frogs .

Sit by a campfire and do nothing but remember songs from childhood

and sing them out loud . Or learn new songs .

Doing nothing for one day is good for you. Best therapy ever .

Allow for slow- peace instead of fast actions .

Allow for listening instead of talking .Pull your own energy below your chin .

Allow for Mother Nature to hum to your instead of watching videos on your phone .

Allow your ancestors to come closer and teach you .

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Joe Allman
Joe Allman

Into the garden I go to use my mind and find my soul

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