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Into The Garden We Go !!!!!!!!

2024 , The Year of the Dragon , Fire in the belly , richness , golden times,

awesome ideas brewing , action plans up ! Fly high, fly far .

This year will be filled with wonder , adventure , exploring , discovery and joy !

So much do to outside in Nature .

This year I plan on visiting gardens nation wide .

I want to learn what others are doing, how they do it,

what changes they make every year . What are their struggles .

I like to see what plants grow in different bio regions . What does well and what does not make a go of it . Gardening is hard, just like farming and forest management .

I am an herbalist , full time organic gardener ,permaculturist , traditional healer , shaman and more .

Life is for living full and joy filled . Sadness does not have to run our lives .

Healing is ours if we work on it daily . I am dealing with cancer, Still alive and well.

The purpose of all humans is to be like the creator and create every day .

With our hands, minds, heart .

I enjoy travel so I can meet new people, talk, share , care and dare to talk to strangers . LOL !!!!

I am taking a few trips this Spring . Summer is a busy time for me, so then I am close to home. The Fall is an extra busy time at our garden . Winter is only slightly restful.

I hope to meet all kinds of interesting folks , bother near and far .

I hope to meet new plants, new animals, new bio regions,

that I have never been to before.

Wow ! . What Fun, what a blast ! I would love to meet folks that read my new blogs .

Love Michaela Maestas , at Mother Bosque Garden in the North valley of ABQ, NM 87107 USA ,


It is healing to be in Mother Nature every day ,

She is the cure for everything. NO LIE it is true.

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